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Alan Rickman in People Magazine

Photo courtesy of SG, M, and two contributors that prefer to remain anonymous

The December 2002 Sexiest Men issue featured Mr. Rickman in the Surprisingly Sexy category. While the only surprise to Rickman fans is that it took People Mag this long to notice, here's the text of the article:

Alan Rickman
56 Height 6'1" a.k.a. Harry Potter's nemesis Professor Severus Snape; the droll and urbane Elyot Chase in this year's Tony-winning revival of Private Lives First Impression: Rumpled yet elegant. The X-Factor: "He has a very sexy voice. It's dark and yummy", says model Heidy Klum, who appeared last year with Rickman in the comedy Blow Dry. Adds long-time friend Ruby Wax, a London-based American comedian whose 1980 Off-Broadway show Desperately Yours Rickman directed: "He knows how to turn on some sex thing on stage or on film that just wipes out an audience" At ease: A veteran of some 50 plays and films, Rickman lives in London with economics lecturer Rima Horton, his companion of more than 30 years. :"He has a lot of charm", notes Klum. He's very polite and respectful. At the end of the day, that's what a woman wants"